Finding the Right Church

I decided over the past few weeks that I’ll be looking for a church home. Finding a church is a cumbersome undertaking that I have simply put off.

But the time has come, so I’ve been looking.

When you are seeking a church, the first thing you want to do is to narrow down the denomination that suits you. You may look for a social outlook that fits your considered concept of spirituality. In my case, because I really like the Pope and his service to people–including the destitute and sick–I have chose to go with a Catholic church.

When I told a friend of mine I was going to attend a new church, they said, “Go a few times and see if they remember you.”

To be honest, that’s not what I’m looking for in a church. Sure, it’s nice to be welcomed and remembered, but I want something deeper.

Too often, churches get caught up in growing their congregation and thus utilize basic and cheesy marketing–like remembering you and offering a welcome.

If the church is genuine about these things, great. But what’s much more important to me is a church leader who will let their yes be yes and their no be no. Frequently, ministers put out messages that won’t offend people. They make their message accommodate as many people as possible.

I’m not looking for that.

Instead, I’m looking for a spiritual leader who is mature in their faith. I want someone who is really going to instruct me so I may grow in Christ. Moreover, I want a congregation in which there are many mature and sincerely seeking members.

What I’m not looking for in a church is one that is going to tow the typical Christian party line. If something is unjust, like putting immigrant children in camps, I want my church to say so. If something is acceptable in God’s eyes, like being gay, I want my church to say so.

I’m not looking for “cheesy feels.” I’m looking for a community that truly seeks the Lord and wishes to grow together in faith.

If you are looking for a church, I hope this may help you look for the right one. Remember, it’s not about your comfort necessarily. It’s about your relationship with the Creator. In this most important of things, you want to choose well and wisely.

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