Groove with the Moon

But all the good graffiti got painted over in time
She watched the last faceless chain replace the last five and dime
And she wondered if the only noble thing
Ain’t to just to get a big garden and plant it in the spring

Kiss the city goodbye in some big graceful gesture
And focus on the moon’s groove, groove with the moon
Focus on the moon’s groove and groove with the moon
Focus on the moon’s groove, groove with the moon

Emancipate Minor, Ani Difranco

I’m still in planning stages of my business. It’s good to take a while in planning.

There’s a trend I’ve been following by Ritika Puri–with my own little twists.

I can’t say I know Puri’s mind, but she has a fresh take on things and she begun to stay away from toxic people and cultures.

This, I think, is good.

As business people, we have the ability to make the world the way it should be. We can create welcoming spaces and caring, empathetic cultures.

I have found when I’m not focused on the “bottom line,” I’m not only less stressed, I’m more productive and more creative.

There’s a terrible causticity in the air, if you breathe it. I have shut out most of the toxicity from my life and have found I am better able to accomplish things I want in life, including balance and happiness.

A business can be equitable and fair.

I know.

That may be a bold statement.

But it’s true. Business has a bad rap, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

One way I’m making my business equitable is by giving it a democratic structure. You can do this with a corporation, I’ve read, but most don’t. People tend to be power-hungry and controlling. They want to be the one in charge: The all-powerful CEO.

But you can organize your business so that employees and members have a say and a vote. Many big corporations call their employees “Team Members,” but don’t give them a say at board meetings.

I’m attempting to end the lip service.

When you shut out the negative voices and stop listening to caustic narratives, you can begin to create a more beautiful, just world.

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