“I’m Qualified, Bitch!”

I have, in various capacities, hired and fired people. Trust me, it’s tougher to fire people than you expect. But this isn’t about firing people. This is about the hiring process. If you didn’t get the job, I hope this helps you understand why.

It starts with qualifications, yes. Being qualified for a job is important.

But it really goes beyond that.

I don’t think people should beg for jobs, but being kind and polite is a good start.

There’s a trend I have found as a female hiring manager that is troubling, though, and it may be the reason you didn’t get the job: sexism.

As a hiring manager, I have gotten berated and brow-beaten by (mostly male) job seekers. It’s really as though they think, “Bitch, give me the job.”

I’m here to tell you that’s not going to work.

We are in a new era and part of that era is having excellent research on how outstanding teams operate. It’s known, for example, that diverse and equitable teams perform better than old, male-centered, stratified teams.

That means your sexism counts against you.

To add, we know that creating flourishing work cultures means taming the toxicity. Adding toxic people to the team means the work culture will do poorly.

There’s much more than the mere “being qualified” that goes into selecting who to hire. Some call it having good “soft skills” or a “a good EQ.” Either way, bringing a sexist team member on is a liability. I’m not going to have my other employees treated badly by you.

In the end, sexism is a losing frame of mind all around. It’s bad for you, bad for work cultures and bad for business.

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