My Eternal Mistake

I don’t know about anyone else in the discipline of philosophy, but back when I was in the field, no matter how secular my projects seemed, I was indeed searching for God. In questing to know, for example, about the universe, the structure of proper reasoning, and the good life, I was always seeking God.

I now consider this a mistake.

As I have come to know God (through Jesus Christ!), I have now found the solution that was under my nose the entire time. It’s quoted so often it seems cliche. It is, of course, John 3:16.

I grew up with this verse etched in my heart. I now consider myself very lucky to have been brought up in such a way that scripture was etched within me because, finally, I know God.

How do I know God?

Through Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us very clearly that we are separated from God. When you pray and hope there’s someone listening? That’s the separation. And we are not able to cross that separation by our deeds, our quests or our seeking alone.

That was my mistake. Trying to find God without going through Jesus.

You may take some bit of Jesus’ words and try to live them, act on them and be them. Jesus is a role model. Through Jesus, you will come to know God.

Now, what exactly do I mean by knowing God?

I mean it in the same way, really, as you know your best friend. I know it sounds crazy to some, but it’s common in my church-group: I talk, God listens–and talks back!

No, no. I’m not hearing voices. And, yes, I know the old saying that it’s OK to talk to God, but it’s not OK if He talks back. Trust me, I am very sane. What’s not OK is being OK with the distance between us and God.

I call God my friend. Because He is.

After searching for countless years, God and I finally have a relationship. According to Christianity, this is the telos of human life.

I am there.

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