No More “Cheesy Feels”

I know you probably mean well when you go on LinkedIn and offer cheesy feels. But cheesy feels don’t keep me warm at night. Even if you’re not Christian, you can learn a thing or two from the book Boundaries.

Some folks appear to think that having a high EQ and good soft skills means offering cheap cheesy feels. That’s not so.

Having these skills means knowing when to say no and what to tolerate. It means not only offering your employees a nice place to work but keeping them safe from predators and toxic people.

I just made a comment on Twitter, in fact, stating that personal psychological problems are so often played out in industry. We can have democratic, equitable and fair workplaces in the form of workplace democracy. Why don’t we?

I postulate that it’s because we’ve been taught and personally take on the idea of power and control as Founders. The desire to have power and control is a psychological problem that I can’t fix for you. There’s a difference between assertive and aggressive. I say a bountiful business starts with assertive people who don’t simply offer cheesy feels for likes, follows and influence. A bountiful business begins with people who know when to say yes and when to say no.

Don’t let your problems play out on the field. Cheesy feels are too often enabling of bad behavior that harms people and the bottom line. Know when to offer support and when to simply walk away.

That’ll help keep me warm at night.

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