Should a Candidate’s Character Matter?

I have been looking over who to vote for in 2020. I specifically switched from being NPA to Democrat for the reason of voting in the Florida primaries. Now that the time has come, I have nothing but questions.

For example: Should a candidate’s character matter?

I think, clearly, it matters to a degree.

For Liberals, what’s to dislike is Donald Trump’s character. It’s not that he’s clinically ill. (Though he may be. I’m in no position to decide that.) It’s his damn character.

I was thinking, too, about Andrew Yang’s character the other day. For all the gloom and doom regarding AI and automation he discusses, he’s appears pretty happy and aloof. Maybe even Stoic in the Ancient Stoic sense.

Back when I taught High School, I told my students about Pax Romana. This was a time in Rome when there were great leaders who brought about a bountiful nation. One ruler of note was Marcus Aurelius. A practicing Stoic, Aurelius seriously studied philosophy. He worked on attuning his character. Known to be an overall great leader who could have been doing anything else in the world, he attempted to cultivate virtues. Pax Romana led to more citizen education, economic well-being and a healthier state of Rome.

Could this be due to the character traits of the leaders?

Good decision-making is necessary for a president. Yes, the president has advisors, but it’s up to her to listen to them, take note, and then act according to good judgement.

While I do not think character is the sole thing one should vote on, it should probably count some.

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