Did God Spare Florida?

Yes and no.

I was in communion with God as Hurricane Dorian was building and heading toward the Bahamas and Florida.

I prayed without ceasing–but rarely about the storm–during this entire time. (You can see my previous blog posts to see what I was thinking about and talking to God about.)

As the hurricane moved onward yesterday and today, I was simply and utterly awe-struck. It slowed, diminished in strength and took a more eastward path.

When I prayed, I never asked God to move and slow the storm!

But I know God did this. I am in awe of such power.

I don’t want you to get me wrong, though. I don’t think this is necessarily a full-fledged, no-questions-asked blessing.

Instead, I think false Christians (those who only come to God with their wants and do not strive to exemplify Christ) are indicted.

If you’re in the hot seat right now, there’s something you can do. Go here and check out how you can help people of the Bahamas. It’s not that God tormented them as punishment and spared Florida. It’s not that whatsoever.

If this were a test given by God, it’s time to strut your Christian stuff. Do some good in the world. Assist people of the Bahamas. Rather than showing we Floridians are select, God is probably singling us out for Christian action. We need the exercise.

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