Homosexuality and the Bible

I’m no expert on the Bible. However, I just went to someone’s defense in a Biblical way. The person is a part of the LGBT+ community and was being attacked by religious bigots. This person was being called a sinner and being told to repent.

You don’t need to be a Biblical Scholar to know that is not what Jesus would do. But half of understanding the Bible, I think, is learning what it doesn’t say. And what the Bible doesn’t say is that we are to condemn gay people. Nowhere does it say that.

In fact, what the Bible does say is that we are to take Jesus as our Lord and Savior. In doing that, we imply that we should model His behavior and that we continually need Him to act well in the world. This is a very personal commitment. While we may kindly spread the Word, we should not push Christianity on people, especially when they ask us to leave them alone. After all, it’s Jesus who says He stands at the door and knocks and that if you open the door, He will come in a dine with you.

Jesus has manners.

If we are to become like Christ, we should have manners, too.

People argue about details of the Bible and what “man laying with a man” actually means. Whatever it means, it’s a statement from God to you. It’s not about you and other people in the world.

Moreover, I think it best to consider things the Bible does say, such as knowing people by their fruits. When we are in Christ, we will have the fruits of the spirit. These fruits, which are qualities of character, are not said to be bestowed upon only white people, only men or only heterosexuals. Apparently, anyone can have these character traits and these traits are how others will know you. These traits are par excellance and are the qualities God wants you to have.

It could be said it is the fruits you bear by which you will be judged. And those fruits may be present in homosexuals. Thus, one could conceivably be a “practicing” Christian homosexual.

Before we cast any stones, we should make sure our own home is in order first. If you feel like condemning a homosexual, make sure you are without sin yourself.

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