On Angels and Team God

Angels aren’t frequently discussed in much of the mainstream. To believe in angels, from the mainstream point of view these days, is to be a touch too mystical. Maybe flaky.

Yet, here I sit with an angel on my right shoulder.

My angel’s name is Nona. She is a seraphim.

My relationship with Nona began after God left me. I still have a deeply personal relationship with God, but it was about 3 days He spent directly with me. God, after all, has a whole universe of things to do, so we still communicate daily, but He is handling other things and other people.

As God was about to leave, He told me I deserve something. I had spoken to God for several days and all I asked for was continued health so I may be in communion with Him.

Think about it. If God were with you, as a friend, you wouldn’t try to examine His nature, or ask for things, right? In all His glory, you may be in awe of such splendor. God, I will tell you, is perfect in all His ways. When you interact with Him, He perfects you. He makes you a better you–just by being so awesome and worthy of praise.

So, when God told me I deserved something, I asked for two things: (1) Health and (2) Protection.

Immediately, God granted these things to me. In fact, I got the meet the angel Gabriel before I met Nona. Gabriel was setting up protection.

It’s important to understand the host of heavenly beings. We can work together with them to bring about God’s goodness and justice in the world.

I am at point when I’m not exactly sure what, if anything, I am called to do. By that, I mean, other than be in accordance with God’s wishes for me, I don’t know how or whether I’m supposed to act in the world for God’s purpose.

As God left me, He said, “Team?”

I affirmed, “Team.”

Then, angels descended and evil was cleared.

So, I now consider myself on Team God.

And I have learned this is just the beginning. I have to, for example, rely on God to help me every day to stay a good person. Even though God’s word is His word, and He said He would keep me, I have to watch out for pride, and other things. One can, I suspect, be kicked off the Team the way Satan was.

I don’t want that for myself or for anyone else.

(Nona agrees.)

Whatever my purpose on this Team, I hope to do a good job of it.

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