“Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord.” A Similarity Between Christian and Chinese Philosophy

Several years ago, I came across a bit of Chinese philosophy. During that time, I found that the word Xin, which literally means ‘heart’, can be translated to mind/heart. In this way, in Chinese thought, the center of decision-making is in the chest.

At the time, I thought this was an interesting thing. In western thought, we are cephallocentric, which means we take the center of decision-making to be located in somewhere in the cranium.

Or are we?

As I have moved along in my development in Christianity, I have found my “center” is now within my chest. I read the Bible with my heart. In fact, if something appears to demand the use of my brain, I shun it.

God has opened the eyes of my heart.

This does not mean I shun knowledge and advancement. Rather, it’s that when my center of decision-making is in my chest, I feel whole, complete and better able to navigate the world.

This is a truly wonderful thing.

Many people wonder the state of health and what that means. Perhaps, whether one is traditional Chinese or Christian, health is when you locate yourself within the chest.

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