To Bring About Justice, We Must First Break Every Chain

Everyone I know wants justice in the world. I’m no different. I have devoted half my life to social justice–advocating for at-risk women and children, workers of America, immigrants, and more.

Just last week, I pondered whether anything I had been a part of–rallies, protests, community organizing–even did any good. With all the people I know doing the same, one does in fact come to wonder whether these things do any good. If they did, wouldn’t the world seem more just by now?

What I’m about to say will not appeal to everyone. A lot of people are put off by Christianity. Be that as it may, I encourage you to read on.

Throughout the Bible, God is described as a liberator. In God, there is freedom. God is frequently described as breaking every chain.

Think about the clothes you are wearing. Most of the time, you don’t notice them. You have to actually attend to them in order to be aware of them.

We are born in spiritual chains that we become used to just as we are used to wearing clothes. But these chains are just as detrimental to us as physical chains.

When you are not free, you cannot do much in the world to bring about justice. You must free yourself in order help others get a leg up.

Our spiritual situation is like being held hostage by Satan. Slowly, over time, chain-like vines of Satan have grown over us, keeping us from doing great acts in the world. They prevent us from cultivating a more just world even as evil grows more prevalent.

The good news is God is not only just and good, God is a great liberator. Through God, we can know spiritual freedom and come to do just acts in the world, defeating evil.

Currently, I have a homeless friend staying in my home. Since God freed me from my chains, I have been able to take care of my friend even better. This is not unimportant. It is indeed Earth-shattering to be able to feed and clothe a single homeless person.

Many of us do not have the will–even if we have the want–to care for another person like this. Satan lulled us into bondage. But through God, the great liberator, we can each come to perhaps help a single person in need.

When you fly on an airplane, they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting anyone else. Now that my mask is on, I am able to literally save one life.

I praise God for that.

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