Creepy Book October: Horror Writer Dathan Auerbach

Sometimes you get the urge to look up old pals from your past. That’s what I did several months ago with my old pal Dathan Auerbach. Lo and behold, he’s a stellar writer now.

Back when I knew Dathan, he was a fellow TA with me at the University of North Florida. We both TAed for Introduction to Philosophy.

So when I saw he’s a writer now, I thought I’d look into that.

If you’re into creepy horror/thriller novels this October, be sure to check out his books PenPal and Bad Man. Because I like to celebrate the creepy season, I ordered a copy of his first novel, PenPal. I wanted to share the wealth, so I asked my daughter if she would like to read it, as well. She will.

If you’re like me, these days you like to be sure that your money is going somewhere worthwhile. Despite the toxic reputation of the philosophy culture, Auerbach was always a wonderful, creative and decent human being. He treated me with respect as a colleague. We got along great and I’m glad to see him succeed.

This October, get your horror on with some novels by Dathan Auerbach.

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