Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. I am now 40. Middle aged.

It’s midday and it’s already been a great day. I woke up to fresh made “Birthday Brownies” made by my brother. I went to the doctor and then–and this is the best news–I spoke with poet Terri Witek about Stetson University’s MFA in Creative Writing. We spoke for about 30 minutes about the program. I have to finalize my application and when I do that, I will start the program in January 2020.

Creative writing has always been a “side project” for me. By that I mean I have rarely thought about turning it into something beyond a serious hobby. Witek had great things to say about my poetry and said they are prepared to accept me into the program. This is great news! How often does one get to turn ones passion into something serious?

Beyond that, they seem very supportive and welcoming. That’s a breath of fresh air. Going into a program that is supportive where I can explore my creative passions is very appealing!

So, for my birthday, I got wonderful news: At 40, I can be a serious poet.

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