Getting Rid of Toxicity and Adding Positive Relationships for Mental Health


It’s not something I take for granted. As my one-year-anniversary of health approaches, I am reminded of just how bad things have been for me in the past–and how thankful I am that I haven’t experienced these things for a year.

Having a psychotic disorder like mine is tricky. I never know when psychosis will sneak up on me. My family and I, along with my doctors, try to identify patterns that contribute to it. Sometimes, trying to understand these patterns just adds to stress, though.

However, there are a few things I have done, in addition to taking a new medication, to reduce the likelihood of another psychotic episode.

I suppose the biggest thing I have done is get rid of toxic relationships in my life. There was one person in particular who was toxic and abusive. I haven’t spoken to that person for months. They are permanently out of my life.

Instead of being engulfed by a toxic relationship, I have added a positive relationship in my life. Remember, being a victim of toxicity and abuse is never the victim’s fault. If you are such a victim, you are worthy of fulfilling and positive relationships. Abuse is never what you deserve.

You deserve positive relationships. You deserve to be fulfilled. You deserve to be appreciated and loved.

I have found that by getting rid of toxic relationships and adding positive relationships, I have added tons of value to my life. No longer do I tread on eggshells or get yelled at. This is a huge relief and, no doubt, this contributes to my mental wellness.

You can start today. If you are enduring a toxic relationship, there’s no law that says that person has to be in your life. You don’t even need a reason to remove someone from your life. But, if the person is toxic, you have ample reason already.

It took me a very long time to see myself as worthy of having positive relationships in my life. If you learn anything from me, let it be this: Don’t wait to replace the toxicity in your life for something better.

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