Think Locally, Act Locally

Recently, I began to research various organizations in my county. I found some good ones, doing great things. I found wonderful people with divine visions.

Tonight, I went on Twitter and began to think. The internet has made us think we are best friends with people clear across the globe. It has made us think our ‘likes’ mean something as important as putting food in people’s mouths or money in their pocket.

I highly value the internet and social media. It has done wonderful things for humankind. However, it also makes us feel like we are more important than we are and that our ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ mean something great when they mean relatively little most of the time.

Want to do something great? It takes more than a follow and a like. It takes reaching out in your own community. That’s right. It’s time to come back to our local environments.

This doesn’t mean you can’t ‘follow’ that person you adore halfway across the world. It simply means that your efforts may be best suited for doing something in your own community, probably even face-to-face. The more grounded you are in your community, the better off we will all be.

Take some time to search your community for organizations you can help. Learn to love your local environment. Whatever you give globally can often be translated locally. And people around you will be better served.

It’s time to think locally and act locally.

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