My Psychiatrist is Doing God’s Work

For the past 10 years, I have struggled with psychosis. I am diagnosed with schizophrenia and have had 1-2 hospitalizations per year since I was initially diagnosed.

I have had a rocky relationship with psychiatry. I think a lot of people in similar situations do. It’s easy to think of psychiatrists as the enemy, forcing drugs on you.

It’s been about a year since my last psychotic episode. I am becoming certain, by the day, that this renewed health is due to my medications.

My doctors–and I have seen plenty–have never given up on me. They keep trying new medications of it seems like the previous one isn’t working. It has taken 10 years for me to be this healthy! Ten years!

But they didn’t give up on me, put me away for life or take away my rights.

I will be seeing my Nurse Practitioner next week. We will discuss my remission. But I also plan to tell her how thankful I am that she is doing God’s work.

To all the Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatrists out there trying to sincerely assist people like me in treatment options: THANK YOU!

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