“Infested with Millionaires”

After I came out about not supporting Ani DiFranco anymore, I got a couple of private comments. One person basically said, “I never knew why you listened to her in the first place.” But it’s the other one I want to address, which defended DiFranco.

This person said that DiFranco lives and works in a capitalist society and should have the right to criticize it. The person went on to say that DiFranco is successful and creative.

Look, anyone is free to criticize capitalism. But if you’re worth 10 million dollars, don’t brand yourself as one of the little people. If DiFranco wanted to criticize capitalism honestly, she should sing about how it’s unfair that she has a disgusting amount of wealth while people equally talented and creative can’t put food on the table.

That’s an honest treatment of capitalism. Because capitalism, contrary to my interlocuter’s implication, does not reward by merit.

Until DiFranco’s supposed brutally honest art reflects her current reality of being wealthy, I refuse to support her.

That’s my right. Suck it.

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