I Believe I’m Done With Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco has been a part of my life for roughly 15 years. I have bought albums, attended concerts and bought merchandise. DiFranco bills herself as “the little guy,” so to speak, and, yes, it’s true that she is worth less than a favorite of mine, John Frusciante, who has been in the music business about the same amount of time.

But there’s a time when your brand is just hypocritical. Ani has reached that point.

DiFranco’s estimated worth is 10 million dollars. I know I contributed to that. While I knew when she sang “The Million You Never Made” that she had earned at least a million dollars, I didn’t know the little folk singer was earning much more than that even as she sang with disdain that America had become “infested with millionaires” in the song Animal.

There comes a point in which hoarding a certain amount of wealth is disgusting. I’d say that for anyone. But it’s especially disgusting when you hoard wealth singing that capitalism “is the devil’s wet dream” while being completely capitalist in nature.

I can’t in good faith support DiFranco anymore. Her branding was good when she was poor and small. Now that she’s big and rich, she needs to sing and brand herself reflecting that reality.

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