On Being a Gender Critical Feminist

The Journal of Pediatrics published a comment on suicidal ideation and transition of transgender youth. In short, there is no evidence for the widely-held belief that transition prevents suicide and suicidal ideation.

This prompted me to write about being a gender critical feminist. I don’t claim to speak for all gender critical feminists. I only speak for myself. But below are some reasons I identify as such.

I am an adult female. I believe I have been oppressed and targeted as such in my lifetime. I believe, as a biological class, infant, youth and adult females are regularly oppressed and targeted due to their membership. The major goal of feminism is to obliterate this oppression.

None of this means I hate transgender people. I am not prone to target them for crimes against them. If I were anything like that, you could rightly call me transphobic. But being gender critical does not entail transphobia.

As far as gender and sex are concerned, I believe that the term gender has come to mean very little. These days, people are wont to make up new gender terms and concepts. I won’t speculate as to why they do this, but it does indeed seem to be a trend that will most likely fade away with time.

Being trans, too, has come to be all-encompassing so as to mean very little. It entails things one likes, how one appears, and the friends one has or wishes to have. I do not hold any disdain for people who identify as transgender. I simply feel rather sorry for them as I think they are fundamentally confused and, probably, deeply unhappy with themselves, their lives and, most of all, their very bodies.

I think people have the right to transition if they choose to as adults. I think, currently, the science is out on whether that’s an optimal decision. I do not think children ought to transition.

I believe that people have the right to be healthy and happy. If the evidence pointed to being something other than gender critical, I hope I would move in that direction. As it stands, I think transgenderism is a fad or social condition, not a biological one. I believe this due to the fact that being transgender seems to be a social contagion. It spreads socially. Thus, no one, I believe, is biologically born “in the wrong body.”

Very simply put, I am tired of being seen as a bigot for being gender critical, especially by biological men–trans or otherwise. I hope this short post has made you see why someone would be gender critical and that you no longer see such a position as bigoted.

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