I’m Sick of Liberals

Actually, I’m sick of liberals who do not have the virtue of justice.

Let me go back a bit.

I have witnessed people who were homeless be denied a place to stay. I have witnessed elder abuse. I have myself been a victim of abuse and sexual harassment–and I have a disability.

A lot of the perpetrators have identified as liberal.

I can easily go social media and see these and other people calling for institutional justice. But let’s be honest, if you call for a just government and are not yourself just in your personal life, you do not have the virtue of justice.

I understand that having virtues is tough. They are, in my view, ideals we should strive for. That is different from having moral worth. Everyone has that. But not everyone has virtue.

You can go on and on about how Bernie or Warren or, heck, even Joe Biden are wonderful. You can talk a good talk all day long. But if you don’t have the goods, to me you are nothing but a hypocrite preaching an empty sermon.

Working on yourself is tough. I know. For the past year, that’s all I have been doing. But sitting around and saying nothing makes me a bystander.

So, before you post that Black Lives Matter meme, make sure you’re not being an asshole in your personal life. I’m sure the BLM Movement will understand.

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