A Stoic Take on Voting

If you are like me, you want Trump out of office. Maybe you’ve voted already and made sure your vote was counted. Maybe you encouraged friends and family to vote. Maybe you posted voting updates on social media.

I have done all that, too.

It’s three days until Election Day and people are amping up.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to watch CNN 24 hours a day for the next three days. You don’t have to look at every poll. If you have put in the effort to get friends and family to vote and have posted such reminders on social media, you don’t need to remind everyone anymore.

In short, you don’t have to stress out about the election results. Stressing out will not change the outcome of this election.

As a Stoic and an activist, I am confident I have done what’s within my power this election. I fully realize what’s at stake–and what’s at stake is our very democracy. I know lives are on the line with COVID-19 in the air.

But if you stress out and are full of anxiety as Election Day comes upon us, it does no one any good. It won’t make you happy and it might not encourage the happiness of others around you.

You can matter-of-factly engage in activism and politics without stressing yourself out. You owe it to yourself and those around you.

The key is knowing what you can control and what you can’t. If you have reminded people to vote, made your case for voting Trump out, and have voted yourself, there’s not a whole lot more that needs to be done right now. Your stress and anxiety will not change the election results.

If Trump wins, there will be more to be done. Save your energy and keep your sanity for when and if that time comes.

Keeping up with politics can be stressful. Know what to pay attention to and what to disregard. You may like to keep up with every single poll–and that’s fine as long as you aren’t stressing about the outcome, which you cannot control at this point.

There are healthy and sane ways to deal with the likes of Trump that don’t cause distress, worry, fear and anxiety. In fact, if you let him have that power over you, he arguably already won.

Let’s keep our cool and be patient. We may not know the results until after Election Day. You can see the seriousness of the issues at hand without losing your cool.

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