Election Final Thoughts

It’s just two days until the election and, on this day, I am troubled that a crowd of fascists in vehicles, some of them armed, closed in on a Biden bus, forcing the Biden campaign to cancel their stop. That’s bad. But, worse: Trump, at an event yesterday, appeared to encourage this behavior.

Yesterday on social media, I shared a quote from a book I read: On Tyranny. I studied ethics and political philosophy, after all, and I was especially interested in evil. Here’s the quote:

Currently, we are up against a fascist regime. It hasn’t totally solidified power, but it’s a fascist regime nonetheless.

The good news is that, if you read FiveThirtyEight, the polls show Biden winning this election. And closing polls–polls this close to an election–are fairly accurate.

Last night was Halloween. It was a quiet night at my house. I wrote my first political poem in quite some time, feeling it necessary to articulate the need to vote Trump out.

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