You’re Not Blessed. You’re Just White.

The prosperity gospel is common among evangelicals. It’s the basic belief that, through prayer and good works, one can be blessed with wealth. I see it in practice every time I go on social media and people I know post memes asking for God’s financial blessings. I see it in members of my own family who believe their good fortune is a blessing from God.

Most evangelical believers are white. Moreover, many of them are not astute when it comes to matters of race. However, Black Americans, for example, face wealth disparities and I’m sure it’s not because God didn’t favor them.

The prosperity gospel is racist. No, you’re not favored by God. You’re just white.

Unfortunately, white evangelicals often get financially rewarded in life and then praise God–without acknowledging that their wealth is the result of racism.

The prosperity gospel is harmful to society. It ignores the truth and is willfully ignorant of real inequities. It’s past time for it to go.

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