New Year, New Philosophical Views

Recently, I became an atheist. This happened after a very long time period where I searched for answers. As of this writing, my worldview has dramatically shifted. Not only did I become atheist, I became a utilitarian. This means that almost everything I have previously blogged about I now reject.

I was a virtue ethicist since my undergrad days. Becoming a utilitarian means that, when I wrote about virtues, I was usually wrong.

I became a utilitarian just because I became atheist. The two are intertwined for me. Without God–and everything that comes with a religious worldview–I found that all that existed were my fellow humans and their pleasure, happiness, pain and suffering. It made sense to maximize happiness.

I feel that I may have finally settled upon an outlook that suits me. I feel as though I am no longer searching. This makes me happy, and has given me new insights to think about and ponder.

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