One Christian Perspective on the Murder of George Floyd

Many people have weighed in on the conviction of George Floyd’s killer. There have been many things said on both sides of the political aisle. I thought I would give my Christian perspective.

Murder is always a time to mourn. However, without condemning the murderer, we can look at the actions that have been seen on video by millions and take it as a time to assess ourselves.

These days, the loudest people who call themselves Christian aren’t necessarily known for living a Christ-like life. That can make it seem like we should give up on the religion entirely.

I have been encouraged and supported by several faithful Christians over the years. They may not be the loudest, but they have shown me to the love of God. Through them and their love, I have grown stronger in my faith.

But that’s not to say I am perfect. In fact, when I heard of the conviction, I immediately went to the Bible. I took it as an opportunity to assess myself. I believe Christianity is about working on yourself and much as it is showing love for others.

I asked myself: Am I capable of doing something that gruesome? Am I hardened?

I am a small person, and not very strong. It’s unlikely that I have the physical ability to harm someone in that same way. Even so, I checked my heart to find out if I was a hardened soul. It is easy to become hard in this world.

Then, I prayed. I asked God to give me the spirit of gentleness. After that, I read passages on gentleness in the Bible.

Gentleness is listed as a fruit of the spirit. God wants us to be gentle. It is also said that you will know real Christians by their fruits.

God peeled away the hardness I had been carrying with me. I now believe virtue can be a gift from God.

I may be one person who has asked God to change me because of the murder of George Floyd, but one person is more than zero. If more people tried to change themselves this way, we wouldn’t have to worry about police brutality (or the reputation of Christianity!)

I pray, dear reader, that God works upon you to give you the fruit of the spirit. Because, as the Bible says, against them, there is no law.