Poem: War is Over by Jennifer Lee Lawson

I am writing a new collection of poems. I wanted to try something new. Usually, when I write a poem, it’s meant to be either read or spoken. Rarely both. Often, I put poems out in the world free of charge. However, what’s the use of a free poem if it’s not as accessible as I can make it? Therefore, I’m putting this specific poem out in the world both spoken and written.

This collection of poems marks a commitment to the practice of Revolutionary Love. I know it’s going to be a challenge to practice it the best I can. However, I believe this commitment is important. So, I am making my little space in the world the most equitable and just place I can make it.

War is Over

We had quite a time.

It was eventful.

I learned a lot.

//We had a war.//

You may have won the combat

But I was on the side of right.

We both know that now.

It’s over

And all I want

Is to be friends now.

Let’s meet each other where we are.

See where our conversations go.

I’ll be your steadfast spinster.

/Always a bridesmaid and never a bride./

You shall be the opposite.

I may never be a crazy cat lady

But, trust me, crazy I can be.

I know now that you are sane.

I forgive you for what you did.

You are very skilled.

I have a way with words.

Together, we will be everything.

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