I lost 15 pounds by caring for myself.

I set out three months ago to eat healthier. I focused more on fruits, veggies and whole grains while limiting sugar and processed carbs. It’s not a strict diet. I have a sweet or two here and there. And that’s what makes my lifestyle different.

I am not starving myself. I eat a lot actually. I am not punishing myself or depriving myself. Instead, I am caring for myself.

In this world, and perhaps especially if you were brought up in a neglectful or abusive home, being cared for, including by yourself, is rare. And we are taught that beauty and fitness, too, must be punishments.

I set out to nourish my body. I haven’t even been exercising yet. I didn’t have a weight loss goal at all.

We typically think that we are in fact caring for ourselves if we eat the chocolate bon bons. However, what’s really caring for yourself is eating the apple.

I feel tons better. I think I happen to look better too. 

If you are interested in a rough, though not exact, estimate of how I have been eating, check out this CDC link.


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