Audio Poetry Collection: Songs That Remind Me of Philosophy (2018)

In 2018, I sat down at my desk. I was poor and pining. I had been immersed in philosophy and was applying what I learned in graduate school (about political philosophy) to the real world through activism and advocacy. I was also struggling with symptoms of schizophrenia and feeling like that disease had taken everything away from me.

There was one person I thought of when I felt down. It was someone I had fallen in love with but didn’t see anymore. I had a few keepsakes that I kept in my room and looked at them when I wondered if I would always be a schizophrenic, wandering the streets and being put into psychiatric units.

Unrequited love, which is what I thought my feeling was, hadn’t been something I read about in philosophy. But I knew it was present in literature, poetry, film, and music.

I had been listening to a lot of music and thinking about how artists often have great philosophical insight. I wondered if philosophers could have good poetic insight.

I had won several awards for my poetry and prose. But I was rusty. As well, I hadn’t really found my writing voice yet. I considered everything wrote to be nothing more than an experiment.

But experiment I did.

I wrote a collection of poems and then recorded them on my crappy computer mic. I even burned CDs and created the visual art for them.

Art helped me at times when I’m pretty sure I had the “thousand yard stare.”

Who I loved doesn’t matter. Whether my art or readings are good is beside the point. And, yes, the recordings suck.

I’m putting this out into the world at a time when everyone is trying to monetize their hobbies. I have tried that, too, but I would rather do some things for the sheer pleasure and let the world make of it what they will.

1. Uncatchable Birds
2. Abandoned
3.The Other Man
4. You
5. For All X
6. The Enlightenment
7. A Rare Occurrence
9. The Ring
10. The Good Life

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