About “The Confederate” Adam R. Lawson

The first thing you should know, and I’m allowed to say this, is: He so gay.

The second thing you should know is that, if you happen to have the misunderstanding that I’m awesome, you’ve never met this badass.

He’s natural at science, math, analysis and being fucking awesome.

A multi-talented man, Adam has a heart for others and is totally intellectually gifted beyond my measures.

On This Day (2/9/2019): Love Totally Always Wins

On this day, I disclosed m my participation in the LBGT Movement starting around 2002 (to get acquainted). This activity pretty much continues. What can I say? I met people who are adorable and talented and gifted and awesome and welcoming and loving. I was awarded, for my work–and, really, for the work of my Queer Allies–the Highest Governmental honor.

I hope everyone accepts THIS gift.

Best wishes,

Jennifer L Lawson

MOMENT for the LGBTQIA Movement (from a sister in “Love”)

Follow-up: As best I know, there’s an awesome dude who knows law inside out who thinks this is so good and yall are so damn rockin’ that this stuff needs to be codified into actual Law of the Land. I give it up to others to assist with that, if they so desire. Thank you all very much. All I have EVER experienced from certain-types was hatred. All I have ever wanted was what was Just and Good. May that, finally, come about all over the world. Happy Valentine’s Folks. Love does win.

Research Question: Why Are All The Good Ones Gay?

So, let me tell you about my sloppy organization (circa 2003-04, Stetson University, Departments of Philosophy and Psychology) which led to something I think is nifty. We had (have?) a one-way glass in the Psych. Dept. And, well, I just wanted to use it because I’m a badass. So, I needed a confederate (My brother, Adam R. Lawson, was “good enough.”) On the other side of the glass, he started the VHS recorder to tape the student-participant’s reactions to Eckman’s unfortunate photos and marked what THEY THOUGHT were the their emotional reactions to this display. I simply cared for the participants in the truly best way I could in the same room as they. After they marked the “assessment,” and the individual session was over, I told them there was someone behind the glass and they were being taped. I will always thank the participants. I kinda know they came through well. 😉 This was my solution, as best I could think of, for ethics in psychology in particular and social science in general, which has been–and probably still is to a small degree– a SERIOUS problem.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I joined the Gay Straight Alliance on Stetson’s Campus in the very best way I could. I never attended meetings because of other commitments, but I willed it so much in my heart that, truly, I WAS THERE.)

-Official Statement by Jennifer L. Lawson. (Distribute and use as needed and useful.)

Researcher Unexpected Benefits?: STRAIGHT AND TOTALLY TAKEN. —-<—@

The Hours: What We Can Learn From Virginia Woolf

Back in the 1800’s, Woolf argued everyone, really, needed “A Room of One’s Own.” Not so ironically, the not-so-long ago film about her was titled “The Hours.” I proposed: Hours For What We Will now that we do not need corporations in the way we used to.

Furthermore, Nozick argued that only the outstanding people deserved wealth. In my observations, everyone is outstanding.

-Jennifer Lawson, PhD

What We Can Learn From Both Theory and Anti-Theory

I love the Lesbian Rule proposed like that in Love’s Knowledge. However, I think the application of it ought to be in personal life. (That is anti-theory.) Theory is a Universal Principle that can and ought (?) to be applied atop of things. That’s what I hope people have been, really, begging for–for a long, long time.

-Jennifer Lawson, PhD

Back in the day..

only wealthy people could study certain things, do certain things, and so forth. Now, everyone is is wealthy. Today has been the application of Wealth of Nations, in sense. Liberation fighters had proposed things like, even a basic UBI, because they didn’t really ask for much. Well, now, if you want to do art, do art. If you want to play in an orchestra, do it. If you’d like to help people, go for it. If you don’t want a ‘profession’, you don’t have to have one.

-Jennifer Lawson, PhD