I was a teenage mom at the age of 15. Despite the poor statistics I learned of teenage moms, I always dreamed of something bigger. I attended an alternative high school for teen parents in Port Orange, Florida, where I began my lifelong engagement in politics and dreamed of going to college.

After high school graduation, I attended a local community college. I then transferred to Stetson University in Deland, Florida. I started out as a psychology major and as soon as I took my first course in philosophy, I was hooked. I double majored in philosophy and psychology, graduating in 2004, winning awards for my writing along the way.

I knew graduate school in philosophy was next on my list. With my daughter in tow, I then entered the University of North Florida’s program for practical philosophy and applied ethics. During my graduate studies, I explored many areas of philosophy, finding my interests to be deep and wide.

For over 20 years, I have been involved in activism and advocacy. I have written op-eds, helped organize large rallies, and even wrote to President Obama and got a reply.

It is fairly well-known that I fell gravely ill during my studies and had to take time off to recuperate. During this time, however, I remained abreast of goings-on in the field, editing an analytic philosophy journal and continuing my readings.

Something I have consistently done since I was 13 is write.