Jennifer Lee Lawson is a Florida-based independent poet and writer, as well as a thinker, advocate and activist.

Jennifer started writing poems at the age of 13. She took poetry writing as a daily exercise, perfecting her craft.

After she graduated high school in 1998, Jennifer took classes at a local community college before transferring to Stetson University. At Stetson, Jennifer continued writing—entering creative writing competitions and winning First Prize every time she entered.

At Stetson, Jennifer fell in love with philosophy. She double majored in philosophy and psychology and graduated in 2004.

Jennifer applied to graduate school and was accepted to the University of North Florida (UNF) for practical philosophy and applied ethics. While being a graduate student at UNF, Jennifer worked as a Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Philosophy, teaching over 100 undergraduate students per semester. In addition, Jennifer was a Research Assistant for the book “Reading Bernard Williams” (Routledge Press).

While writing her Master’s thesis, Jennifer had her first experience of psychosis. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia. During her decade-long fight with symptoms, she continued her writing and advocacy work.