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  1. Poems on My Way to Forty

Precisely four months before turning 40, award-winning poet Jennifer Lawson sat down one day to write a collection of poems. At her computer most of the day on June 4th 2019, Lawson penned this free verse, stream of consciousness selection. It spans quite a lot: from thinking about the age one peaks to thinking about future generations and the inspiration they may bring. This collection of poems is Lawson’s most honest, personal and intimate–from a poet who has produced hundreds of thousands of poems in her lifetime. Poems on My Way to Forty is a book for everyone.

2. Does Capitalism Take Away from Parenting?
An Essay

“What I am about to say,” Jennifer Lawson opens this essay with, “is nothing any feminist I know is saying.” In the current era, many women have argued that there is just too much pressure on mothers to be the very best. Lawson does not deny there are some things, such as $500.00 swinging chairs, that add to a new mother’s fears. However, she lays out the claim that women are also pressured to be the very best in their paid labor. When we are forced to choose between the two (kids or paid labor), most of us should opt for putting our best into our children.

3. Revitalizing a Failed Tradition: Essays on Native American Issues

This book is a short collection of essays on Native American issues. Lawson studied Native American issues from a philosophical standpoint for several years in addition to having the lived experience of being a person who found herself in a colonizer’s position in life as she raised a Choctaw daughter. Because Lawson believes “the personal is the philosophical,” these essays mix the personal and the philosophical together, telling both of her personal experiences along with her philosophical acumen.

4. Songs that Remind Me of Philosophy (CD Audiobook)


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This intimate portrait of unrequited love features Lawson like you’ve never seen her before. In her passionate voice, she speaks her spoken word poems to you. This is a special, limited offer, available only through this website.

5. Story for Pride (A Very Short Memoir)

Everyone has their own story for Pride Month. Some of them are wonderful. Some of them, unfortunately, are sorrowful. For Pride Month 2019 (June), Jennifer Lawson shares the story she “comes out” with every year especially for you.


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