Are you still writing?

Yes! I write every day. I enjoy being creative in a variety of ways. Writing is a big one.

What kind of writer are you?

I consider myself a Florida writer.

Is schizophrenia a bad illness?

Schizophrenia is different for different people. I have experienced mostly delusions that were very bad. However, I am on a monthly injection and am doing very well. The most important thing to know is that you should respect people with schizophrenia whether they are symptomatic or not. Two organizations that deal with schizophrenia that I love are the CUREZ Foundation and Students With Psychosis. I encourage you to learn more there.

Was being a teen mom difficult?

I loved being a mom before my daughter was even born. I thoroughly enjoyed every stage of my child’s development. Fortunately for us, my family was supportive. Many teen parents face difficulties such as poverty and homelessness. That wasn’t the case for me, which meant I could focus on being a great parent.

What are your political views?

I am a Democrat.

Can I contact you directly?

Yes. You may email me at ilovedayzees@hotmail.com

What are your philosophical views?

I studied mostly ethics and political philosophy in school. When it comes to politics, I am solidly liberal. In ethics, I am sympathetic to virtue ethics. I was heavily influenced by Daniel Callcut in graduate school and was a Research Assistant for him on the book Reading Bernard Williams.

A lot of writers have spoken about transgender people. What is your stance?

Trans rights are human rights.

Do you believe in God?

I do.