Graduate Courses and Reading Groups

  • Lies and Self-Deception (Action Theory/Moral Psychology) [Vitz] Grade: A
  • Mathematical Logic [Reading Group]
  • Philosophy of Language/Wittgenstein [Reading Group] 
  • Readings for Master’s Thesis [Callcut] Grade: A 
  • Virtue and Vice (Virtue Ethics/Moral Psychology) [Callcut]Grade: A
  • Thesis[Callcut, Haney, Vitz] Grade: A
  • Philosophy of Language [Koegler] Grade: A 
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy [Buchwalter] Grade: A
  • Practical Philosophy in Culture and Society [Koegler] Grade: A 
  • Theory and Anti-Theory in Ethics [Haney] Grade: A
  • Ethics [Callcut] Grade: A
  • Methods in Applied Ethics [Haney] Grade: A

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