Jennifer’s Resume

Jennifer Lawson


  • Wrote to the White House is support of stopping building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Received a reply from President Obama.
  • Wrote an Op-Ed for the Daytona Beach News Journal about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Detailed how the history of the railroad is similar to DAPL. Editor thought I was cool.
  • Organized a large, peaceful rally in Orlando, Florida for DACA recipients. Rally was televised across central Florida. I was in charge of crowd control. This shows massive management skills. I made sure the rally was peaceful and encouraged it to be legal. It turned out to be very educational for those who attended.
  • Spoke with Jeb Bush regarding at-risk women and children to garner support for needed Florida programs. Jeb Bush saw me, knew I was right, glanced around the room, and tried to get away from me.
  • Met with Lawton Chiles to discuss the needs of at-risk women and children. Was able to get full support of needed Florida programs. Lawton Chiles seemed to like me. After I graduated high school, he offered me a job in Tallahassee. I declined because I had a daughter to raise. Besides, I didn’t think one could get at the truth in politics.
  • Was a Field Organizer for Working America AFL-CIO. I did my fucking job. I canvssed and knocked on over 100 doors per day. I didn’t do exactly what they wanted, though. They wanted money and unqualified leads for something. I actually, on the other hand, was a community organizer. I spoke with all kinds of people, learned about them, cared about them, tried to find out about their lives and what they cared about, and so on. I was fired for not meeting quotas.


Founder, A Dose of Reality.

  • Founded, along with my brother and friend, an online mental health community.
  • Wrote articles and blog posts about mental health.
  • Conducted research on mental illness.
  • Spread (hopefully) accurate mental health and psychology information online.
  • Provided peer support.

Research Assistant, University of North Florida.

  • Edited essays for the book Reading Bernard Williams with Routledge Press. Routledge Press was a top publisher in philosophy, and Bernard Williams was one of the most important moral philosophers of this generation.

Teaching Assistant, University of North Florida.

  • Taught Introduction to Philosophy to over 100 undergraduate students per semester.
  • Developed assessments along with the other TA.
  • Graded essays looking for informal fallacies.
  • Delivered lectures in classrooms and large lecture halls.
  • Read very broadly in philosophy because each professor I worked under taught different material.


Editorial Committee: Editorial Committee position for Al-Mukhatabat Journal, and international, trilingual philosophy journal. July, 2015-2017. 

Beta Tester: Test new features for PhilPapers, an open access database of academic philosophical scholarly research. Oct 15, 2010. 

Invited Lecturer: “New Frontiers for Indigenous Rights.” Invited lecture for an Honors Global Justice class at Stetson University on the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Guest speaker at Stetson’s Philosophy Club on political philosophy and indigenous issues. Spring, 2009. 

Credited In Sequoyah Rising by Steve Russell. Spring, 2008. 

Referee: Conference referee for the Northeast Florida Student Philosophy Conference. Fall, 2008. 

Guest Lecturer: Guest lecturer for Reasoning and Critical Thinking on Confirmation Bias. University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, 2008. 

Co-Editor and Contributor: Co-editor and contributor for the Florida Student Philosophy Blog, an electronic resource for philosophy undergraduate and graduate students hosted by the University of North Florida’s Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, 2006-2010. 

Workshop Co-Developer: Developed a workshop on the topics of governmental integrity and transitional justice, Spring 2007. 

Guest Lecturer: “Martha Nussbaum’s Capability Approach and the Colonization of American Indians.” Lecture delivered to students in Feminist Ethics (Upper-level undergraduate philosophy course). Stetson University, DeLand, Florida, 2004. 

Guest Speaker: “Questioning the Metanarratives: An Explanation of Postmodernism with Emphasis on Social and Cultural Movements.” The Chiles Academy, Port Orange, Florida, 2004. 

Guest Motivational Speaker: “High School and Beyond.” Presentation delivered to middle and high school students at risk for dropping out of school. The Chiles Academy, Port Orange, Florida, 2004.


MA, Practical Philosophy and Applied Ethics, University of North Florida, 2009. (Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi), 2023

BA, Philosophy and Psychology, Stetson University, 2004.