RBW  I was a Research Assistant for Reading Bernard Williams (Routledge Press). Successfully working on this book demonstrates my competence in philosophy as well as my expertise in editing and writing.

SR I was consulted for the book Sequoyah Rising. I was asked to look over part of the manuscript for this book. This demonstrates my knowledge in Native American Studies.

 I wrote my memoir–a farewell to academic–philosophy in 2016. This memoir showcases my storytelling ability, writing ability, take management skills, and more. (Available on Amazon.)


Al-Mukhatabat I perform editorial functions (copy and content) for the academic journal Al-Mukhatabat. I have worked on the papers of very famous philosophers. Working for this journal shows my editing abilities as well as my knowledge in philosophy.


CD I made an audiobook of poetry. Making this book was an experiment for me. I have won awards for poetry, so I thought I would make my own audio book. This book shows my ability to use technology.