Jennifer Lawson


Over 20 years of leadership experience. Over 15 years of experience in research and academia.

Professional Experience

Editor-In-Chief, Deltona, FL         2017-Present

The New Floridian.

·         Edit front page submissions to The New Floridian.

·         Manage The New Floridian’s website.

·         Lead recruiting efforts.

·         Develop and maintain organizational mission.

·         Interview experts for The New Floridian’s blog.

·         Compose articles for The New Floridian’s blog and front page.

·         Manage marketing for The New Floridian.

Editorial Committee, Deltona, FL           2015-2017

Al-Muhabatat Journal.

·         Edit submissions to a trilingual philosophy journal specializing in logic, epistemology, and scientific thought.

·         Perform copy and content editing functions.

·         Edited the work of Hilary Putnam, Colin McGuinn, Robert Brandom, and others.

Researcher, Deltona, FL         2004-Present

Student Researcher at Stetson University and the University of North Florida.

·         Conduct expert-level academic research.

·          Beta Tester: Test new features for PhilPapers, an open access database of academic philosophical scholarly research. Oct 15, 2010-2015.

·         Invited Lecturer: “New Frontiers for Indigenous Rights.” Invited lecture for an Honors Global Justice class at Stetson University on the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Guest speaker at Stetson’s Philosophy Club on political philosophy and indigenous issues. Spring, 2009.

·         Credited In Sequoyah Rising by Steve Russell. Spring, 2008.

·         Referee: Conference referee for the Northeast Florida Student Philosophy Conference. Fall, 2008.

·         Guest Lecturer: Guest lecturer for Reasoning and Critical Thinking on Confirmation Bias. University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, 2008.

·         Guest Lecturer: Guest lecturer for Reasoning and Critical Thinking on Informal Fallacies. University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, 2008.

·         Co-Editor and Contributor: Co-editor and contributor for the Florida Student Philosophy Blog, an electronic resource for philosophy undergraduate and graduate students hosted by the University of North Florida’s Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, 2006-2010.

·         Workshop Co-Developer: Developed a workshop on the topics of governmental integrity and transitional justice, Spring 2007.

·         Guest Lecturer: “Martha Nussbaum’s Capability Approach and the Colonization of American Indians.” Lecture delivered to students in Feminist Ethics (Upper-level undergraduate philosophy course). Stetson University, DeLand, Florida, 2004.

·         Guest Speaker: “Questioning the Metanerratives: An Explanation of Postmodernism with Emphasis on Social and Cultural Movements.” The Chiles Academy, Port Orange, Florida, 2004.

Academic Philosopher, DeLand and Jacksonville, FL 2003 to 2012

Academic Philosophy.

  • Conducted expert-level academic research on law, ethics, policy, business, economics, history, anthropology, logic, linguistics, government and other areas.
  • Gave presentations to peers and students.
  • Wrote professional essays, reports and papers.
  • Mentored and supervised undergraduate students.
  • Organized conferences and conducted peer review for papers.
  • Developed new, innovative ideas.
  • Guided departmental mission and professional culture.


Principal, Curriculum Developer, Instructor, Jacksonville, FL 2008 to 2009

The Lawson Academy.

  • Established a college preparatory home education program.
  • Reviewed and evaluated compliance issues and concerns.
  • Ensured that program was in compliance with the rules and regulations of regulatory bodies.
  • Acted as instructional leader to promote a productive learning environment.
  • Developed program mission and internal code of conduct.
  • Ensured implementation of policies.
  • Developed, reviewed, selected and designed learning curriculum.
  • Built courses that met clearly defined learning objectives.
  • Designed documents, student materials, presentation slides, assessments, labs and course descriptions.
  • Instructed 11 college preparatory courses and hired co-instructors for college preparatory courses.
Research Assistant, Jacksonville, FL 2008 to 2009

University of North Florida.

  • In conjunction with Routledge Press, a top publisher in the field of philosophy, performed editorial functions during book production.
  • Conducted research to verify and ensure content accuracy, read and reviewed commissioned essays, reviewed copy to detect errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax.
  • Prepared written material for publication.
  • Verified facts, dates, and other content, using standard reference sources.
  • Rewrote and/or modified copy to conform to publication’s style and editorial policy.
  • Was credited with being a “superb research assistant” in the book’s acknowledgments section.
  • Conducted literature reviews.
  • Maintained accurate project related records.
  • Provided ready access to all material for the faculty researcher.
  • Managed and responded to project related email.
  • Attended project meetings.
  • Attended area seminars and other meetings as necessary.
  • Summarized project results.
Teaching Assistant, Jacksonville, FL 2006 to 2008

University of North Florida.

  • Successfully taught, through discussion format and lecture format, approximately 100 undergraduate students per semester.
  • Developed and selected course materials and evaluation and assessment tools.
  • Adapted instructional content and/or delivery methods for different levels or types of learners.
  • Designed instructional aids.
  • Presented and made recommendations regarding course design, technology, and instruction delivery options.
  • Used instructional technologies, including Smart Rooms, BlackBoard, and MS applications, such as PowerPoint.
  • Consistently received outstanding evaluations from students, peers and superiors.

Key Leadership

  • Active in securing funding for the alternative school Teen Parent East (now The Chiles Academy) in Port Orange, Florida, a school for pregnant and parenting teens. Activities included meeting with the Volusia County School Board, appearing on local news stations and meeting with local political officials to discuss the unique needs of parenting and pregnant teens and their children. 1994-1998.
  • Met with former governor Lawton Chiles in Daytona Beach, Florida to discuss the needs of at-risk children, families and women, to ensure the continuance of and increase in governmental funding of relevant programs. 1994.
  • Met with former First Lady and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Tallahassee, Florida to advocate for the needs of at-risk children and women. 1997.
  • In conjunction with Healthy Start Florida, met with former governor Lawton Chiles in Tallahassee, Florida to discuss the needs of at-risk pregnant women and infants and secure funding of needed programs. 1997.
  • Met with former governor Jeb Bush in Daytona Beach, Florida to discuss the needs of pregnant and parenting teens and at-risk populations to secure funding of relevant programs. 1998.
  • Active in the transition of Teen Parent East from being a public school to becoming a public charter school; wrote op-eds for local newspapers on the transition, met with the executive director of Teen Parent East (The Chiles Academy) to discuss the transition. 2002.


Induction into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. March, 2009.


First Prize in Poetry and Prose in the Ann Morris Essay and Creative Writing Contest for “Round and Round,” Stetson University Honors Convocation, 2004

First Prize in Poetry in the Ann Morris Essay and Creative Writing Contest for “America II: A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg and Other Beautiful Minds,” Stetson University Honors Convocation, 2003

First Prize in Poetry in the Ann Morris Essay and Creative Writing Contest for “I Heard the Stories,” Stetson University Honors Convocation, 2002


B.A., Majors: Philosophy and Psychology


Master’s Coursework