A Liberal Concern About Current Leftist Trends

Jennifer Lawson

I know I get limited information about the current state of politics and political trends in the United States. We all do. Our information is filtered through the media and not many of us have good media literacy. That’s actually very difficult to do. However, I have been increasingly concerned, as a Liberal, about the state of the Left for quite some time. I have been very hesitant to make my views known because of political, social, economic, and other, retaliation. This post is about that.

I’m totally not trying to brag, but I have a lot of experience working on Liberal issues. I’m not the greatest, but I do know some things. Initially, I was concerned about where the Left was headed when I started applying to Leftist jobs I was more than qualified for. I knew, even if my resume wasn’t polished, that I should have at least gotten an interview. I began to wonder why I was being rejected.

What’s more, I have worked on issues about people of color, feminist issues, environmental issues, and more. Each time, I knew I was being treated poorly due to my race (white), love of men, and simple curiosity about the appropriate climate actions. As someone who really was honest about being an activist, I wondered why they would blackball people who were looking for better answers, and trying to make social progress on issues. Wouldn’t a valuable movement want that kind of alliance?

So too, when I’ve tried to be a part of a social action, organizations have taken over. This concerned me because I fully believe that peaceful protest should be about the people, not necessarily about about non-profits.

I’ve become skeptical about emails I get from the Left that are not about issues but are always and simply asking for money.

I have over 20 years of experience. I’ve tried to do good work. I’ve done my best. But, really, we haven’t made progress whatsoever. Is this intentional? Is it a part of foreign governments interfering in U.S. affairs? I really don’t know. That’s not my game. But I am sorry about the state of things. That’s why I’m writing this post. It’s really my only course of action these days.

I realize I can be wrong about things. That’s normal. But where ever the U.S. came from, having a healthy Liberal party is vital. I hope people recognize this even if they aren’t Liberal. As a philosopher, I know that passionate debates and good arguments are way too important. And, as we stand, the Left has very few good arguments. This has really caused the state of where we currently stand as a nation. Sometimes, I see sparks of hope. But it’s rare and often goes off track.

I’m writing this for our nation but also for the Left. We need you. We really do. I would like to make this a call to revitalize Liberalism in the United States. I see your manipulation. I see your falseness. Persecute me all you want, but to me, my country is too important.

Whoever the bad actors are–and there are plenty–this post is to make it known that we see you. We really do. And a lot of us actually do care about the state of things.

For those who really do care and are passionate and honest and true, this post is also a boost of solidarity. You have, at least, me.

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