On Military/State Neutrality

I’ve often wondered if a nation that goes to war a lot is actually really strong. I have Swedish Heritage and am fond of it. Sweden has been officially neutral for a long time. People have criticized them for it. On the other hand, the United States has been at war almost all my life. They say practice makes perfect. But what if it doesn’t.
A neutral country has to deal with attacks from all sides in a savvy way. It has to defend itself and not harm another country. Since we live in a violent world, Sweden and other neutral countries likely see constant attacks.
During WEIi, Sweden led enormous efforts to save people from persecution. Officially, they worked for both sides. But in reality they saved Jews, gays, lesbians, people with disabilities, and others in concentration camps by issuing fake citizenship to them.
America likes to think they were the most prominent force to win the war. But maybe they weren’t.

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