The Supreme Law of the Land

This is a quick post written from my phone. By now, everyone knows I never led Native Americans in a revolution. I’m not leading anyone.

I want to take a moment though to discuss how I’ve always viewed these things from a white American perspective.
The United States entered into treaties with native Americans. Treaties are the supreme law of the land. Whatever else the law says, treaties are higher.

I believe in governmental integrity for the United States.Otherwise what’s the point? That means fullfilling treaty obligations. I have a whole book of every treat actually and I think most Americans should.

It is notsolely the responsibility of native Americans to make sure we meet this stuff.

I have no idea how I got thrown into all of this but fine. Just because I don’t want to be a terrorists doesn’t mean I hate native Americans or don’t want to defend them. People who think this need to go back to school.

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